New Jersey sparkles just in time for the Fourth!

Great news, New Jersey! New legislation has added a spark to your Independence Day and everyday celebrations!

A new bill just signed by Gov. Chris Christie has legalized the possession and sale of non-explosive fireworks, including sparklers, party poppers and glow worms. Now retailers may legally stock and sell these fireworks before Tuesday’s Fourth of July celebrations.

Prior to this law, New Jersey was one of just three states that still had a blanket ban on the sale of all fireworks, according to the American Pyrotechnics Association. Now the Garden State residents will be able to buy, sell, and use sparklers, ground-based sparklers, and novelties items such as snappers and party poppers.

Gov. Christie advised caution Monday night on his monthly call-in radio show, and it is still illegal to sell or use explosive, aerial fireworks. Doing so could lead to disorderly conduct charges and a fine of up to $500. So firecrackers, bottle rockets and sky rockets are still banned. Also, parents should keep in mind that the sale of sparklers and poppers will be limited to those ages of 16 and up.

Retailers that plan to stock and sell the newly approved fireworks will be required to observe federal safe-storage guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Agency.

As always, we recommend observing all safety regulations and local laws.

“From all of us at TNT, we are excited to be a part of very safe, happy and sparkling celebrations.” - Tommy Glasgow, President of TNT Fireworks

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