Light Up Your Gender Reveal Party

Baby showers aren’t the only party in town for expectant parents these days. Many couples gather their friends and family prior to a baby’s birth for a gender reveal party, where they announce whether they’re expecting a boy or a girl in an unusual way. Slicing into a cake that ends up being pink or blue; popping a balloon to find a shower of blue or pink confetti; and opening an envelope à la the Oscars are only a few of the many creative options out there. As gender reveal parties become mainstream, parents are looking for ways to make their announcement stand out—and more and more are choosing fireworks to announce whether they’re having a son or a daughter. Nothing makes a bigger statement.

TNT Fireworks offers fireworks that are perfect for your gender reveal party. For maximum impact, try PINK DAHLIA (girl) or BLUE DAHLIA (boy). 

Supplement your celebration with appropriately hued sparklers to let the guests join in the fun! Whatever fireworks package they choose, we predict more parents will be lighting up the sky at gender reveal parties across the country. 

As always when using fireworks, be sure to observe all safety regulations and local laws.

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