Happy Labor Day from My Family to Yours

Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday in September and celebrates the achievements of American workers.  Working in America is an honor and a privilege. Most people work hard and take pride in a job well done. We support local businesses and honor our commitment to buying locally to support the towns in which we live. I couldn’t be more proud to live and work in Florence, AL and being surrounded by our family and friends.  

Working in Florence, AL and for TNT Fireworks is wonderful.  Florence is a medium sized city with approximately 40,059 people residing here. Labor Day weekend in Florence will consist of many backyard pool parties; cookouts; gatherings at the Tennessee River, Shoals Creek, or any number of water locations; and more. It is this time of the year that we celebrate hard working Americans and the end of summer.  As soon as the sun goes down, many of the parties will celebrate with TNT Fireworks.  Fireworks add a special enjoyment to any nighttime party. When the sun goes down, it’s hard to miss the excitement on the faces of children as the sparklers are lit and as the fountains display a show of colors and sounds.  The bigger kids love when the multi-aerials and reloadables shoot up into the night sky displaying a sky full of colors for everyone to enjoy. We aren’t supposed to pick favorites but my personal backyard show will consist of 36” Morning Glory sparklers, Purple Rain fountains, and my favorite 500 gram fountain, Delirium.

We always have plenty of Pop-It’s to throw around as well as Bottle Rockets to shoot off.  My son loves to shoot off Festival Balls and NX Level reloadables.  My favorite multi-aerials are Swamp Dog and Corrupt. We have some new items coming out for next season and I cannot wait.   

It is an honor to work for TNT Fireworks and I love how this company supports my hometown. I take pride in wearing my TNT attire around town and getting to answer questions about fireworks.  My family will be cooking out on Labor Day to celebrate a hard day’s work and the end of summer.  Happy Labor Day from my family to yours.

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